Call out for participants of ShantiHOME in Vrav, Bulgaria

Since last Christmas WeTheFuture has been working on its first HOME (Heaven On Mother Earth) and is happy to invite others taking part in its ongoing enjoyments.


You find ShantiHOME next to the Danube and close to the center of a serene and pretty little village called Vrav in north west Bulgaria. Here people still have vegetable gardens and live mostly self reliable although there are serious challenges to undergo while many people have left the village to find better luck and economic, social prospertity. It’s the reason to come here and try to turn this tide. In the village are two shops, a bar and a postoffice. Closeby (on 5 km distance) is a stadium where you can use its facilities. You can play tennis, volleybal, basketball and ateltics. A bit further away (on 30km) is the bigger town, Vidin. It’s a calm town with beautiful walks alongside the Danube. There is the possibility to go to a sauna (which costs you 3 euro) and meet friends who are also interested into cultivating solidarity economy inititiatives.


The home consists of three garden plots and a barn, is well maintained, has a proper roof, a hallway, four rooms of which two are made sleeping rooms, one a living room and another an information/exchange room. Besides there is a room to install a shower and toilet and a basement which could function as wine storage/mushroom cultivation.


There is a beautiful permaculture garden already prepared next to the house with a mandala garden, chickencoop, comfortable sitting area and pizza oven. At the moment there is ongoing work to weed, transplant, harvest and extend. There is a neglected wine field that I would like to revive as well. Some saplings are taken in order to restart the vines and produce ShantiHOME wine in the foreseeable future (1 to 3 years).

The philosophy

  • Revival of the house and its village

With becoming steward of this house (and any WTF house that might become available in the future) you will not have to pay rent and instead get access to all of its already existing comfort. The idea is to give you a set of basic resources that helps you to develop further. You have access to tools, kitchen equipment, stoves, wood, a network of good neighbors and a library of basic information that might be of assistance.

  • The agreement

Basicly you will only have to pay for any expenses you make yourself at HOME. Think about the usage of water, electriticy and internet to start with. This will cost you not more then 25 euro per month. Any costs for food is for your own wallet and investments you might make for a certain project can be negotiated with WeTheFuture so that we can see what, how and if we can contribute. Initally the agreement counts for one month afterwhich (if you like to stay longer while the owner and WTF agrees on that too) we can make a contract for longer term stay.

  • Your situation and work as Solidarity Farmer 

Next to living in a non usual HOME without paying rent or become owner , you maintain and steward its overal situaton. You can work on the extention of its pioneering work of solidarity farming and make more community initiatives in the village. You can share produces at the local markets in the village and nearby villages, cities and host events/lectures about regenerative culture (or anything else connected the topic) either in the solidarity farm, at the municipality hous, in neighboring villages or the city Vidin. Use your imagination and passion (in like knowledge, resources, creativity, skills and so on) to improve and exchange its beauty and surplus with locals and with whoever shows interest and respect to exchange something with you at ShantiHOME. 

Basic comfort at HOME comes from its SoFa and PILLOWS

While staying at Heaven On Mother Earth and working on the cultivation of Solidarity Farming you always keep in mind that you are improving its PILLOWS.

Permaculture – which is a lifestyle where we live in a holistic manner and care for ethics and the planet while sharing the surplus with the surrounding. An important aspect is zero waste, the growth of food, artistic expression, a foodforest, seedbank and the collection of seasonal food. We recommend you to go for hikes with someone who has a smartphone so that you can learn about plant usages by downloading plantnet. At home you will have basic information and WTF also has a specific page contributed to the topic.

Integrity – openess and honesty are key in experiencing a genuine home where to find harmony and unity in diversity. If we know eachother well we can relate with eachothers needs, wishes, skills and gifts. This will make it way more easy to work, play and support eachother. If you like to know more about what exactly is happening right now, send a message to

Love – Everything we do we do with our own inner passion. We respect and set our individual needs, wishes and bounderies while reaching out to others.

Leisure – There are no specific hours of work as work comes from a place of internal motivation. Free of time is all time, out of time in the experience from moment to moment. Call it freedom, call it duty, inspiration or enthusiasm. There are always all kinds of wonderful things to do, to read, learn, teach, play music, paint, feed the soil, construct something for the local community, plant seedballs in the village, play sports, make something artistic, do yoga, etc etc.. There is time for everything.

Omnipresence – HOME could be lived everywhere; it’s a state of mind of being at HOME. Practically WTF offers donation passports of HOME to each who shows genuine interest and action to overgrow the concept of nation states and infuse a solidarity economy glocally. There is a concept WTF made to measure it’s Glocal Development-Practises that has the aim to boost a regenerative culture.

Welfare – WTF works on the creation of a parallel currency which is to be the Liberation Of Vital Elements (LOVE). The idea for now is to make it a Local Exchange System that can be shared amongst HOME friends. In accordance with the specific needs, wishes, resources and skills of you, of WTF and the owner of a specific location we look what we can do to assist in each single situation. We create natural welfare in the form of regenerating its soil and infusing a healthy lifestlye that could be inspiring for its surrounding. You are able to get money that is needed to cover bills by offering solidarity products and services at the local bazar in Vrav, Vidin and just over the geographical border with Servia and Romania and also on the website.

Synergy – The main synergy we work with is the equilibirum between soil, soul and society. When people, land, and community are as one, all three members prosper. See a presentation about this here.

The Situation at ShantiHOME

Washing – Running water is outside where is a washing station for dishes, clothes and a shower. We use natural soap as we collected ivy which is rich in saponin (the soap making ingredient used in commercial soaps). Inside the house is one empty room which could become the inside bathroom of which everything has to be made still.

Compost Toilet – There is a compost toilet with woodchips and a compost place for drying the messages (to be layed around fruit trees in a later stadium).

Sleepingroom – Two comfortable rooms are made as sleepingrooms with made up beds, mattresses, desks, carpets, blankets and cupboards for clothes and your belongings.

Livingroom – The kitchen is fully equiped with materials, two sofa’s, table, kitchenette, coffeemaker, basic food supply, an electic oven with cooking pits and a stove.

Gardens – Mandala garden is booming. Salads, rucola and dill are ready to harvest – Some weeding has to be done and transplanting of peppers – the vines need maintanance. cutting of weeds, trees and wiring – The garden plot around the house is still being neglected at this moment. Only some plants are planted and the weeds have been cut. There are lots of brenches to be cut in pieces.

Foodforest – Very closeby is a neglected plot what became like a forest. There can be planted more edible trees and schrubs to make a start of a foodforest or also another place can be destined for this purpose.

Neighbors – There are reallly kind neighbors which we love although communication is a challenge as I am not speaking the language well. It would be good to reach out more to the neighbors and have native Bulgarians participating in the project so that HOME can be of more assistance and clear about the purpose to the other residences in the village and in general to the people in the country.

Other availbale resources – You will get the possibility to use a coboven, five stoves, a bicycle, basic working equipment, clothes, jackets, boots, blankets, gardenequipment, a library, a seedbank and organic food from the Solidarity Farm

Animals – At the moment there are four growing up chickens and five cats at HOME to take care of.

In the Planning

Garden(s) – As the garden progresses there will be harvest season coming. We will preserve food for the winter and harvest seeds for the WTF Shanti seedbank. Collection of grapes, grapeleaves and planting new grapes, community garden in the village. Outside kitchen to be improved with kitchensink, sitting area and roof, make a proper cabin for outside shower, natural pond, planting acasia trees, flowers and foodforest, attract bees, make a temazcal and greenhouse.

House – Overal improvement, informationroom to explain about solidarity economy, exchange board/shop, more art, installation of indoorwater supply for kitchen and shower, woodboiler, washingmachine (or making bikewasher which is more interesting), improving ceiling, floor, windows and windowframes, bas

Barn – The roof needs some maintanance as the nearby trees destroyed parts. Two days of work (to be done before autumn arrives). Then the top can become a lounge where can be held all kinds of workshops, one room is a recycle/workshop space, one a storage and one an animal husbandry.

Events – Make leaflets about Project HOME combined with regenerative culture / permaculture (to share in the village and at potential places of ineterest in the country and abroad) – village fest (3rd week of June) – middle of July group of environmentally active cyclists visit to support

Products – Make pastries in coboven to offer as solidarty economy product in the village and at bazars – Permaculture design – Make an outdoor library – upcycling workshop – DIY workshops – Cooperative shop to reduce waste and exhange more local food – Art – Music – Hosting friends of HOME – Pizza events (where people bring there own toppings) combined with an activity to improve and exchange knowledge on certain topic, temazcal session, offer a place for people to retreat from consumer lifestyle

The village – Making more work for the community, people and the land to revive life in Vrav

Extension – By opening more locations it would become more interesting for people to stay here as there are not a lot of young people anymore. There is the need to recreate a sense of community to come and live/work in Vrav so to find at least two to three more locations to host HOME and create some sense of togetherness would be helpful.

If you like to know more, have any questions or suggestions you can send a message to, call 00359 894296957 or/and join the Facebookgroup

We Are The Future!

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