Love is the vaccin!

22nd of november 2020. People from all backgrounds are coming together in the wisdom that unity is the answer to a world which is brought in a state of chaos, fear and painfull divisions. In the face of seperation we need to grow our loving connections more then ever.

Peope make a peoples heart at Malieveld, the Netherlands.

Let us defend our humanity with its civil/human rights and unite in our efforts to resist all that stands loving connections its way.

People symbolically and lovingly bury fear

Let us stand side by side and support eachothers growth and love the ones that yet cannot see through these lies.

We are binding our time, for these myths to unwind, for the changes we will confront!

Funeral of the fear #Hartvoorvrijheid (Heartforfreedom)
Demonstration #Hartvoorvrijheid (Heartforfreedom)

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Love over fear make chaos dissapear