The Secret to Life. Alan Watts knew the secret to life is…

| by Derrick Jones | Words, Ideas, Thoughts | Medium

Alan Watts knew the secret to life is that there are no secrets to life
There is no answer, and there is no question
There is life. There is an infinite playground to explore
We are offered a window into this world
A body and a mind
And we have one life to live
We have but love to give
So we dance
We play
We make intentional decisions about how we construct these visions
We create
get inventive
We share
our perspective
We care
Without incentive
We connect
get twirled
We dissect
this world
We dance
to feel alive
We thrive
when together
So get tethered and get swirled
Into novel combinations that rearrange our observations into brand new constellations
A new form of reality
We accept the plurality of interpretations
The ambiguity of our sensations
One of infinite iterations
We dance gracefully with the many ways in which our world is an illusion
And we take solace in the fusion of the stars
The knowledge that sent machines to mars
In basic science, we make sense and rationality
We reason that reality is not cheating, it follows certain rules
And in that order, we connect
We share the same constraints and operate in shared space
We can look behind a face and see infinity
Wonder and divinity
Meeting in a moment of this multiverse
We converse in true connection because we share a few atoms
You are not lost in a sea you are right here with me
Dropped on this crazy earth you did not exist then you were birthed
And damn is it confusing but I find it quite amusing and I love to share my musings
We share enough that we can see each other
I beseech you to see me as your brother
Not just another
Not an other
We all revolve around this sun
Our journey just begun
Divided we are done
United we are one

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