There is a future right under our feet where Solidarity Economy works, where houses become hubs for transformative and regenerative culture. There are so many vacant houses that has this potential. Only in Bulgaria are already around 600 villages with zero inhabitants and 126 in Romania. WTF attempts to fill this gap and finds purpose in looking for ways to reverse this dramatic depopulation process and spark another economy in the same time

Many people left those beautiful villages and migrated to cities and foreign countries so WTF looks for ways to make the villages attractive again and give rise to a parallel economic setting there where the current economical model created the gab. We The Future wants to turn the tide and seeks out to help people who wish to make a life in the village again with a win-win-win situation so that owners see there houses being maintained and people who like the idea of stewarding a HOME with SoFa and PILLOWS gets a space to do so with the willingness to give a boost to give rise to regenerative economical change.

Those villages need freshness, new ideas, young people to help the old and get out of a reality where there are only some shops and a cafe where you mainly can get unhealthy things. Lets be honest, generation now doesn’t have money and tries to get by in a system that is degrading day by day.

WTF believes that the time has come to make a radical shift and get life back in the villages by means of solidarity practices where all parties benefit.

“For both the poor of the world living in largely degraded ecosystems and the so-called wealthy in the developed world, transformational change  is desperately being required. Humanity cannot survive without functional ecosystems, and the actions of all people are needed to act together as a species on a planetary scale.” — John D. Liu