With Glocal Development we indicate that the importance of continental and global levels is occurring together with the increasing importance of local and regional levels. We overgrow the concept of GDP as we know it and invest time and effort into a GDP which is beneficial for people and planet.

We are therefore reaching out to the global community to grow GDP; Glocal Development Practises, by participants who become facilitators, stewards and ambassadors. If you order a Do-nation Passport you can immediealely become a participant of WTF and intrinsically grow this GDP.

This GDP’s could be of all kinds that creates a circuit of solidarity farming (SoFa) at the Heaven On Mother Earth (HOME) Services and products will enhance economic integration and most importantly create actual economic activity that would develop real and substantial relationships of support/exchange. This could include many different activities like organizing a seedbank (of organic and ancient varieties), toollibrary, repaircafe, community garden, exchange bazaars, diy learning centre, village clean ups, solidaritycafe, cooperatives, etc..

Solidarity Farm as main Glocal Development Practise

The Solidairity Farm (SoFa) is being filled with a basic set of PILLOWS which are shaped to improve the experiences for us and for the future.

Permaculture – which is in essence a lifestyle where we live in a holistic manner and care for ethics, the planet while sharing the surplus with the close surrounding.

Integrity – I we are coming from a place of openess and honesty, where we find harmony to be united and in diversity.

Love – Everything we do we do with love and not because someone else needs us to do something than your own inner authority. We respect and set our individual needs, wishes and bounderies while reaching out to others.

Leisure – free time. There are no specific hours of work as work comes from a place of internal motivation. Free of time is all time, out of time in the experience from moment to moment. Call it freedom, call it duty, inspiration or enthusiasm. There are always all kinds of wonderful things to do, to read, to paint, to feed the soil, to construct something for the local community, to plant seedballs in the village, to play sports with other people in the villager, make music, yoga, etc etc.. There is time for everything.

Omnipresence – What we are working on is something that could grow as a mesh network; a state of mind of being at HOME. Practically WTF offers donation passports of HOME to overgrow the concept of nation states and infuse a solidarity economy glocally.

Welfare – WTF works on the creation of a parallel currency which is to be the Liberation Of Vital Elements (LOVE). In accordance with the needs of the tenants, the resources and their passion welfare is being created.

Synergy – The main synergy we work with here are the equilibirum with soil, soul and society comes together. We start with the reconnection to the soil afterwhich comes the experience of a healthy soul from which society can be served. At HOME we search for and exchange autonomous and authentic interactions.

I truly believe that if you come at HOME, that eyes will get wider open and while you are really quite you hear that a heaven on earth is being born.