Do you have or know somebody who has a property in a rural area in Bulgaria or somewhere else and don’t have the possibilities to use it? Great, as this property can be an ideal location to find a steward for to temporary maintain it and bring it back to life while investing time and effort in growing its local resilience.

Recommendations! When you like to become a facilitator keep in mind the following while finding a steward:

  • Available recommendations for tenants from employers, former landlords, friends.
  • Signing a contract signed with a notary detailing the obligations and responsibilities of the parties.
  • Transfer of batches for electricity and water in the name of the tenants. 
  • Agreeing on the term of use and what happens if one party does not respect it.
  • Insurance of the property under mutually agreed conditions.
  • Providing a deposit by the tenants in case of any property damage.

As facilitator you can also donate your time and resources that could be helpful for stewards to start up a place.