WTF NOW! Solidarity farming (SoFa) is mirroring natures core of giving without counting and expecting return. Citizens gathers their food from the wild and also from the garden(s) they cultivate. We give our energy, time and know-how freely. Solidarity Farming makes a part of the daily lives and helps reflecting on what is really necessary. This invites us to become aware of the abundance that Mother Nature is offering and mirror way.

Some of the acts of giving we practise:
• Organize events
• Share knowledge
• Practising permaculture ethics
• Experiment on natural farming methods
• Harvest wild plants
• Take care of integrating WTF NOW! guiding principles

The practise of Solidarity Farming differs from systems based on being totally free or with free price. In Solidary Farming, everyone gives and receives what they want/need and when they want/need.. It’s based on a philosophy of mutual trust, commitment, responsibility and self-management leading to a transparent and collaborative economic system. We believe in the balance between giving and receiving at a global level and are aware that what we are working for is collective.