WTF requires people to interact, otherwise there is no network whatsoever, obviously. What drives people to participate are the contribution-retribution systems. Contribution is what members bring to the collaborative system, such as knowledge, resources or work. The survival and growth of the network depends on those contributions. On the other hand, retribution is what the members obtain in exchange for those contributions.

This mechanism of contribution/retribution are intimately connected to the intrinsic and extrinsic motivations of the network participants, to the network’s capacity to build trust and to its ways of creating a strong reputation.

WTF and it’s GDP’s seeks growth. Therefore we seek volunteers to bring this manifestation into existence in Bulgaria and in other parts of the Balkans and abroad. All the core team members work as volunteers. Take a look to see if we are looking for you.

Online & Offline media

Create visibility for WTF and attract people to the interact with the platform.


English to Spanish, German, Bulgarian, France,…


Do you have a house in a rural area in Bulgaria that you don’t have the possibilities for to use or you know somebody who does so? Great, as this property can be an ideal location for a steward to temporary maintain this property and bring back life in it and in the nearby surroundings in the village.


We are looking for stewards who like to get back or already live in the countryside to tak care for a property, land and nearby surroundings while building up resilience by involving on Glocal Development Activities based on solidarity economy practises, permaculture and food security.


We are looking for ambassadors who can effectively voice the vision, why we do it, and what we bring to the target audience