Support WTF Start-up

We invest in the start-up of at first two locations in the north west of Bulgaria in Rabisha & Vrav.

From here we make a base for more activities to happen and host different kinds of Glocal Development Products.

We don’t want to get you dizzy, although we want to sum up a few of the activities we are developing

Hold on: seedbanks, zero waste cooperatives, meditation practices, eco trails, I-pooh Natives, toollibraries, ecocampings, outdoor pizza ovens, DIY workshops, natural farming & permaculture, repaircafe’s, sweatlodges, off grid energy stations, natural buildings, fruitforests, tree nurturances, community garden, rewilding/regeneration of landscape, natural pools, sport activities, repairing communcal space, making art in the village, organizing a WTF festival, making solar shower, bike washer, the production of natural medicines and and an overall sacred space to connect with heaven on mother nature; HOME!H

Donations will cover start up expenses considering transportation, organic seeds, tools, construction materials, kitchen equipments, natural paints, solarcollector, off grid energy system (batteries and inverter) waterpomps, watertanks, raingutters and bureaucracy to make WTF a registered organisation.

As for now you can you support the start up by paypal or tranfer money on my personal bankaccount: F. Vrijman; NL70 TRIO 0198 5402 21.
If you want to send resources instead of money you can contact us


In order for you to know how much is being donated and where your money go’s we will send you an email to invite you to the co-budgetting document so that you can trace this process.

WTF as offical organisation

We consider making WTF very soon an NGO, cooperative, non profit so that related to purpose of our existence.

Become a sponsor/partner

As indiviual or as organisation you can become sponsor or partner. We might happily exchange withy you the benefits of the fruits.. on the webiste and on the locations or you can stay anonymous. Let us just stay at home in autonomous networks and improve day by day our relations with the matter.

What else can you do to help

  • Share the platform with friends, family and people who might be interested.
  • Like WTF on Facebook (although we don’t like using Facebook)
  • Follow us so that you receive updates in your email.
  • Download Do-Nation Passports (not yet ready) to share at social places in your local area (for example at libraries, restaurants, busstops, coffeebars, sportcentres,etc)
  • Become active to grow your GDP’s
  • Facilitate a place where you exchange resources and discuss the reviving process in your area by getting people interested in solidarity economy principles sharing information skills, resources and knowledge
  • Share your details/local actions so that it becomes visible on the site and on our social media
  • Be part of other glocal networks that helps to grow resilience
WTF -Regenration NOW (New Omnipresent Welfare)!

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