Spring fully arrived in Vrav

Wow, it is so wonderful those days of the trees flowering and the bees zooming around. I wish some of them live into the wild and not in hives where all there honey will be taken by humans. Inspiration came to make a bee hotel and also learn the art of beekeeping while politely exchange my work of planting all kinds of flowers and trees for some honey. I just cant kill the males because they dont work but eat the honey instead and instead like to believe that the noblest bee knows exactly how its family is happy and also calculates the threat of mankind. I don’t know, although I see that nature works remarkably sophisticated.

In the meantime I am making more gardenbeds for veggies and flowers, getting ready with an improved water supply which means I will work on the construction of an outside shower very soon. But first I collect some beautiful wet mulch from the side of the Danube for the extension of the nurturance for veggies, herbs and flowers and then I dig more holes for the fruittrees after which I collect manure to give the roots something that gives a boost to the tree to grow.

Be in life with love,

Frederik Vrijman