WTF’s concept of HOME decorated by SoFa with PILLOWS

At the WTF locations this is what stewards will work on which means there is to be a SoFa; a Solidarity Farm filled with PILLOWS to make a comfortable seat. Those pillows are being integrated by subtile tissue like Permaculture, Integrity, Love, Leissure, Omnipresence, Welfare and Serendipity.

The first WTF SoFa is being designed in Vrav. Let me introduce you by this blog with the P of the PILLOWS. It’s all being made day by day, Malko po malko as they would say in Bulgaria. After having observed the land and letting visions get between my ears I came up for the permaculture educational playfield to be with gardenbeds (hugel and no-till), flowers, natural fences (bushes), orchard, campingground, wildlife attraction, creative space, repair/recylce place, and more (to come). The scetch is being finetuned as more ideas pop up by working with the soil. Art is an important aspect of permaculture and WTF dearest friend is therefore MAYA (Make Art Your Alliance).

In the meantime seeds are being planned in the re – and upcycled PET bottles and beercans. And cold hardy plants already got seeded in their final beds so soon everyting will turn green and let it be the startsign of a movement towards regeneration of an omnipresence WTF HOME.

In the village I am saving organic materials from being trashed, I recylce as much as I can and refuse any more plastics from coming in. It’s a full time challenge and there is definately the need to create an alternative food supply which could take shape in the form of a cooperative model in order to avoid any waste from entering HOME.

Everytime I go around the village I dumbster bags of leaves and I find piles of organic waste that is going be set on fire any time soon. I guess the villagers already know that they dont have to set it on fire or let it be taken for money while being dumped somewhere as I will happily come with a wheelbarrel to collect as mu(l)ch as I can to feed the soil of the SoFa and pile up all that organic materials to re-enter the cycle to recreate all the a living topsoil.

Integrating the principles of permaculture with the practices of landscape design provides a powerful strategy to restore the planet and create a regenerative economy at the same time. The WTF standards of permacultre are transforming away from practices that pollute and destroy ecosystems towards methodologies that repair and regenerates the environment.

In a next blog you will read more about the other elements.

For a HOME with SoFa and PILLOWS,

Frederik Vrijman

Photo taken by friend, Dimitris Tamvakakis who makes a documentary about the life I am living

If you like the work I do please consider to support me towards sustaining HOME so that more people can enjoy the regenerative fruits that will grow rather sooner than later.

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