Greenriders visits Vrav 19 till 21th of July

WeTheFuture got a message from the bicylce touringgroup ‘GreenRiders’ who are traveling the earth to bring about positive change at every place they visit.

They will be 26 people which means a lot of minds, hearts and souls that will come here. Therefore the idea is to celebrate the unity of nature and man and clean up the earth and with that our souls from debris which is hurting humanimal eyes and other creatures who could even see it as their food and die of starvation as their stomachs simply become stuffed with this undigestible mix of shame.

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Yeah, it’s about time to fill our stomachs with love instead of plastic. WTF likes to use all those green hands and host the Greenriders in order to unite around the notion that we and nature are one. Everything we do to earth, we do to ourselves; we are nature!

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During their stay WeTheFuture will humbly offer them a place to pitch their tents, use its facilities and invites other villagers to make this a beautiful exchange of human kindness.

More about the Greenriders tour you can either follow in their facebookgroup or read here

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