International group of Greenriders cleans up pier in Vrav together with locals and mingle with the culture and its traditions.

On July 19, the village of Vrav welcomed guests from all over the world. The visit was part of the Green Riders project, which includes tavelers from all over the world who take a cycling tour of Europe and undertake various environmental initiatives in every settlement they stay overnight. This year one of the Green Riders stops was a small village on the banks of the Danube. 

The contact with the organizers of the tour was thanks to the Dutchman Frederick Freeman, who has lived in the village of Vruv for quite some time. In preparation for welcoming guests from all over the world, the mayor of the village of Vrv, as well as amateurs from the Chitalishte “Consciousness-1927”, told about the newspaper “NIE” Kalina Surdolova, who participates in the dance group at the Chitalishte. 

“The participants in the Green Riders project are travelers who are doing good deeds at projects on their way that they find inspiring enough to give their helping hands to. They helped us clean the pier together which happened on July 20 in the morning. Then everyone took a well-deserved rest and we met again at 5 pm on the center of Thread. We took them out of the City Hall and the community center and told them who was doing what, “Kalina added. 

The guests were acquainted with the Bulgarian cuisine, the history of the village and the folklore in which the foreigners had the opportunity to immerse themselves. 

“We presented authentic dances to our guests, with our dance group dressed in different costumes. We then invited them to the stage and tried to teach them to several Bulgarian people. We thought we wouldn’t like the idea, but cyclists fell in love with it. Finally, we got to a shared choir and it was so much fun. We also suggested that they dress in our costumes and feel the feeling of wearing so old and energized clothes. In the evening, we all got together and had dinner with traditional Bulgarian dishes, in accordance with their requirements to be free of meat and dairy products. Then we talked and told interesting stories all night long, “Kalina Surdolova explained. 

She said she was always glad to be able to communicate with people from other countries because it was a way to broaden her horizons. And in Vruv, such opportunities are not lacking, because the small Danubian village has been selected for their home by Russians, Danes, Dutch, Scots, Czechs, and with this diversity added to the distinctive color of the local Vlachs, a unique mixture of cultures is obtained. “I am very pleased that the village of my origins is being visited by people from all over the world. Hearing conversations in different languages ​​in the center of Vrav is something out of the ordinary. 

His last guests are two Japanese who also took part in the events last week. For me, this is something wonderful and I hope it will always be like that, people come to Vrv, share and draw on experiences, different cultures to meet and enrich, “said Kalina Surdolova. 

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