Personal message from M. Vrijland: ‘We will win!’

Martin Vrijland, (..) I quit my well-paid job in 2012 to compete to wake people up.

My then girlfriend commented: “If you think we are being lied to like that, what are you going to do about it yourself?” To which I replied: “I’m going to write … and pay attention: I will make sure that I become the largest website in the Netherlands”.

Well, it worked. In no time I was at 150,000 visitors a day, partly thanks to the raising of the Anass Aouragh case, of which Peter R. de Vries said on TV: “We examine every fireplace and every fiber at the crime scene”, but when I went there myself looking with a simple camera the whole place was full of beer cans and even under a manhole cover stuff from a treasure hunt game. Then I published an auto-option report that had to be posted by the mainstream media, because it showed that there could be no question of suicide.

Then the attacks and the slandering of my person started, with calls even being placed on the Facebook page of Woodstock Bloemendaal, the beach bar where I often visited. I was threatened with death, my daughter’s school address was published, and then all kinds of websites appeared, defaming me, mixing parts of truth with lies. It wasn’t that hard to find the names of my relatives, find out my age, etc. etc., but ‘he has been in jail’ and more of that kind of libel and slander was just spitting dirt and putting out unproven pulp, with the aim of blackening me.

I was able to prove with hard evidence that it was government employees who were behind these websites and filed extensive reports. Nothing was ever done about it and to make it even more absurd, the leader of this team turned out to have undergone a gender reassignment. Jeroen could no longer be charged, because from then on he was called Naomi Hoogeweij.

All in all, I am still here, although I literally lost everything. I have not only lost my home and hearth, but I also no longer see my daughter. A lot of people are unfortunately affected by all the online attacks anyway, as the internet army turns up every discussion to post the libel and defamation websites and spit pulp. The independent researcher and the free thinker had to and would be chased out of the playing field, leaving room only for controlled opposition. I didn’t let that happen!

Thanks to your support, I have always kept my head up, even though I have lived from anti-squat to tent and caravan. I could only get benefits if I stopped my website. The officials simply invade your house when you make such a request. I have always relied on the support of my readers and thanks to you and many others I am still here. And carry on!!!!

Yesterday I received a donation saying, “Hold on, David will beat Goliath!” And I am still convinced of that. Thanks to those kinds of donations, I can always pay the bills for my website, food and drinks. Thanks to those kinds of donations, I believe I have a high-bandwidth server for a reason, and thanks to those kinds of donations, I know everything you need will come to you.

You become strong when you have been in the ring and get hit. That is the preparation for the real battle. And in that real battle; we are now in the middle of that. It is time to join forces and use the mental toughness to stand up to the system. It’s time to warn people and stand up to what wants to hijack your body and mind. It is time to raise your head and speak from your strength. We are the creators of the original universe and We are bringing this Luciferian system to a halt.

Enough is enough! Be alert and realize that anyone who says the vaccine is the great threat or anyone who relies on Louis Pasteur’s fraudulent contamination theory has been used to distract you.

Why do we only see Photoshop images of the virus? Why do we only see fabricated numbers? Why is everyone being tested as much as possible? Because the test is the actual more contaminated!

The PCR test introduces a CRISPR enzyme that can be activated online: the kill switch. “Yes, but that intranasal vaccine is still under development”. That’s media distraction! Intranasal vaccines have been around for years for cows.

Wake up! And once you realize how the game is played and see through the two-stage booby trap (see this explanation); And once you realize how we are being played by propaganda and distraction; And when you feel the power bubble up within yourself; that power that you feel like a lion waking up, then it’s time to get up and activate your primal power and say to yourself, “What am I going to do to make the change?” I am going to do it!

You are much bigger and stronger than you think! We are the boss! We are the creators, they are the puppets. They are afraid! We are strong! Only with our cooperation can they build their prison. Do you want to live in a prison? No! You want to be FREE! We are born free, we are eternal beings and we are powerful spirits! Get up and fight! Yes! We are together! We stand together! We work together! You get up! Your mind transcends fear!

There is no fear! Fight! Help by any means to stop the system and build the world you want! Support, share, spread my book, spread the word, and be powerful and indestructible! Build a free country! Become a member so that I can continue and address your environment without fear. Say no to the pulp and yes to change! You are the change. We are the change. More, more and more. Until victory!

Original post is being transalted from Dutch. Read the orginal on: Martin Vrijland’s website.