World Doctors Alliance: “We will arrange a new trial in Nuremberg.”

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“The World Doctors Alliance”

The World Doctors Alliance was created through a collaboration of several international organizations that will work together to end this corona scam once and for all. The video is pretty much summarizes what we have written here at CommonSenseTV from the start.

We are quite modest but not right now. What a relief to see this confirmed. That motivates enormously. Then we, along with some others, still felt like crying out in the desert. We were taunted. But still not by citizens but by the authorities, the media and companies such as Google, YouTube, Twitter and Facebook. They censor us, and others, to silence us.

They won’t work!

These videos are also DIRECTLY removed from YouTube. It is important that you share these videos and / or product through all social media. This global collaboration will be censored on all fronts. WE HAVE AN OATH MADE AND TO INFORM YOU ABOUT THIS SCAM Back to the Worlds Doctors Alliance.

People are finally standing up to expose the truth. A lot of people. Here is a press conference to get to know The World Doctors Alliance (Dutch subtitles): To share, click on the arrow at the top right of the video or share it at the bottom of this article via Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, LinkedIn and much more …

This Covid19 affair is simply not true Heiko Schöning starts the press conference. He is a German physician and one of the founders of Ärtze für Aufklärung and the COVID19 additional parliamentary inquiry committee. “We are doctors, scientists and peace activists and we all say, unanimously:

This Covid19 affair is simply not true. And we have a duty, especially as doctors, to speak the truth. ” He also expresses his gratitude for the gathering of all these international experts in Berlin. We bring the truth to the public Member of the Royal College of Surgeons of the United Kingdom and Surgical Adviser Mohammed Adil is the Chairman of the World Doctors Alliance: “I am a surgical consultant with a 30-year track record of working for the UK’s national health services,” said Adil. “I have made a significant contribution to the medical sciences, education, training, research work and human assistance.” He also says: “Together we will bring the truth of this orchestrated corona virus. We bring the truth to the public. ” PCR TEST 89% to 95% FALSE POSITIVE.

The rest is false negative Elke van de Klerk is a Dutch GP working in Belgium. She founded Dokters voor de Waarheid in the Netherlands. “We are here to inform people about the knowledge and the facts. It’s not as bad as the media tells you, ”said de Klerk. “We are in contact with hundreds of doctors in the Netherlands and we keep all records. The hospitals are not full. The people are not sick. They are being tested, but the tests that are provided do not work as they should. ” “We have to make this known to the public,” adds van de Klerk. She is supported by more than 87,000 medical specialists and doctors. “WE START A LEGAL CASE AGAINST THE DUTCH STATE”

In a subsequent press conference was every bit deeper into the PCR tests and the stupid prohibited facemask duty. THIS IS TIRANNY Swedish physician Mikael Nordfors says: “We support everyone who is fighting against this tyranny, the medical tyranny you now see all over the world.” “People don’t have to be afraid.” We will arrange a retrial in Nuremberg “Hopefully we will arrange a retrial in Nuremberg to sue all the criminals behind this hoax,” said Nordfors.

All attendees are agreed that the lockdown has caused more damage than the virus. “We are going to end this and we are going to restore freedom to the world.” Said Zac Cox, the General Secretary of the World Doctors Alliance.

Boris Dragon, a Swedish physician: “We need to show mankind what was done to them.” Lawyer and human rights advocate from Ireland Martin Byrne: “I am not bound to any organization but my job is to defend the fundamental freedoms and rights of the people for all of Europe and the rest of the world.”

Gross censorship Byrne: “I’ve become concerned about gross censorship and incredible human rights violations this year and I will defend them.” Monica Hellenberg: “I suggest we all expose the darkness that is going on. All fraud on this planet. This is very, very wrong! We have all the facts at a glance.

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